Near NOMAD Hotel Le Havre

Like said previously, the NOMAD Hotel Le Havre is located in the heart of the city center of Le Havre, just in front of the railway and bus stations. its location is perfect for the people who want to discover the city !

Le Havre was totally destroyed during the second world war, its reconstruction was undertaken by the famous architect Auguste Perret, known for his use of reinforced concret. Le Havre is a city full of surprises, you will find, with no doubt, lots of activities to do for a weekend, a business trip or for the holidays !

The blocks of Le Havre are part of the city's identity. Each block has its particular features, its own history and its roots. There are 5 blocks in Le Havre : the South district, the North district, the East district, the Center West district and the Center East district where is located the NOMAD Hotel. Le Havre is a modern city, now listed on the UNESCO world heritage list for its modern architecture. 

If you want to discover the artichectural style of Auguste Perret, we suggest you to wander around the city. You will see the city hall that was rebuilt by Auguste Perret, you have the possibility to go on the roof of the city hall and have a breathtaking view of Le Havre.

Located at the end of the Foch avenue, you will find the "Porte Océane" that gives you access to the sea !
As a matter of fact, the hotel is located near the harbour and the sea shore. The Le havre harbour is an important transportation harbour of passengers and goods. It is also a marina and a famous fishing spot in the Manche. If you want to get a breath of fresh air, why not to to Sainte-Adresse for a nice walk by the sea ?

Le havre is also a seaside resort, all you need to do is cross the main boulevard to enjoy the beach. This boulevard srpeads on 2 km in th city center, and is served by the tramway (a tram stop is located in front of the hotel) ! What is better than enjoying a day at the sea ? Therefore, passers-by will enjoy the seaside restaurants opened mid-march to mid-September, with a magnificient view !

If you wish to have a higher view of Le Have, we suggest you the hanging gardens in Le Havre, parc located on the top of a hill. It will offer you a fabulous views out of Le Havre city !

Le Havre is a city with plenty of monuments to visit such as Saint-Joseph's church that illustrates the renewal of the sacred art, the visit of the Auguste Perret model apartment, "the carré des docks" with its exhibition center and concerrt hall or the Oscar Niemeye library that has the shape of a volcano !

Finally, if you wish to discover Normandy, several cities near Le Havre are to be discovered : Honfleur, Deauville or Etretat. All of these cities are at approximatively 1h30 minutes away from Le Have... perfect if you want to go come back to your cozy bed at the NOMAD Hotel Le Havre by the end of the day :)

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