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NOMAD’s eco-responsible approach

Safeguarding the environment has always been a priority for NOMAD Hotels!
Eco-responsibility is in our DNA.

Our objective: to reduce the ecological footprint of our hotels as much as possible, from their construction to their operation.

This is a global and inclusive approach.
At NOMAD, nothing is wasted, nothing is produced; everything is transformed! 

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Passive energy building

In line with the ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management), the NOMAD Hotel ROISSY CDG Airport has received recognition as a passive energy building (BEPAS). It meets the most exacting criteria in terms of thermal efficiency and energy efficiency.

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What about the lifts that use energy recovery systems?


Yes indeed, at NOMAD Hotels even the lifts are part of our goal to reduce energy use and reuse everything! The kinetic energy created by the breaking mechanisms of the lifts is recovered and reused to power our electrical systems!

We did tell you that nothing is wasted and everything is transformed here at NOMAD ;)

The technicalities

The technical elements we use are at the forefront of the eco-responsible commitments made by NOMAD Hotels

traitement d'air

The air treatment system employs an energy recovery system


Double windows for thermal and acoustic insulation

panneaux solaires

Solar panels on the roof produce hot water


Ventilation controlled at 90m³/hour with temperatures regulated depending on the time of year


Led lighting in the parking

100% renewable electricity

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NOMAD Hotels works hard to help the climate by using electricity only from sources that are 100% renewable across all the hotels of the brand.

A few little figures, some great big results!



That's the average consumption of a toilet cistern. At NOMAD, that water is saved!



That’s the average consumption of a shower. Admittedly, that’s not always the case, but at NOMAD you can keep track on your tablet!



The lifts use an energy recovery system that saves up to 75% of the energy used to power them.



Nearly 75% of our clients chose an eco-responsible option during their stay (selective recycling, reduced water use, etc.)



In almost 45% of cases, our eco-responsible approach influenced the client’s choice of accommodation.

In short, NOMAD is a fully-committed concept!

Our staff, fully-trained and eco-aware, apply this approach at every stage of the daily running of our hotels! Waste management, reducing water and energy use, products that boast eco-friendly certifications and portion control, etc. Our approach really is global and inclusive!