The ethos

A way of life... with everything you need


Because the world is changing and consumers are changing too!
Because we’re travelling more for business and leisure, and we’re enjoying more encounters and exchanges too.
Because we, the travellers, are hungry for adventure and discoveries!
Because we’re more and more mobile and connected.
Because we’re independent and responsible.
Because we love contact as well as comfort.
Because we’re looking for comfort, but also simplicity.
Because what we really want are the essentials.
Because eco-responsibility is now part of our daily lives, far beyond simply recycling.
Because we don’t want to pay the lowest price, but the fairest price.
Because we’re open to a world of possibilities and yearn for the space to be free.

Remember the ancient nomads that wandered the deserts in caravans...
Nowadays the real nomads are you and I.

NOMAD Hotels changes the rules of traditional hotels!
NOMAD Hotels places the consumer at the heart of all its decisions and lets them choose depending on what they need right then and there.

NOMAD Hotels offers a new experience for all, a genuine alternative:
A living space that is unique, convivial, ultra-connected, eco-responsible and high on design where everything is modular depending on your needs…and your desires!

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We realised a simple fact - society is growing tired of rules, we're living in a world where so much is imposed upon us. NOMAD Hotels offers truly free spaces.
At NOMAD Hotels, the hotel adapts to fit the client, not the other way around!

Gurvan BRANELLEC, President of NOMAD Hotels

A new experience

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NOMAD Hotels has said YES to useful technology and hyper-connectivity that fits in with who we are and who you are!



NOMAD Hotels is not simply a place to stop but a place to share.
You feel at home here.

fleur environnement


The environment?
We’re always mindful of this at NOMAD Hotels.



At NOMAD Hotels, everything is modular: even the price!
You can save money depending on what you choose…or don’t choose!

Feel right at home


NOMAD Hotels is where you stay, live, work, have a drink or a bite to eat, swap stories with other nomads.
At NOMAD, you feel right at home!

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With kindness and good humour!

Because at NOMAD Hotels, our staff also do things differently.

Out with suits and ties, and in with NOMAD ambassadors that are communicative and curious, open and engaged!

With extremely diverse training and not simply in the hotel industry, the staff at NOMAD adopt a different approach to their clients.
Their one and only objective is ensuring you enjoy a high-quality break.

Professional and friendly, helpful and attentive (that’s what one in two of our guests say in our surveys!), the staff at NOMAD make the difference and transform every stay into a relaxing and convivial break!

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Comfort, simplicity and design

Because a shared living space is also a place where people should feel at ease, the seductive spirit of NOMAD also focuses on design.

The design at NOMAD Hotels stems from an encounter with the design agency Part de Rêve and tells the story of a shared passion for this concept.

From the room to the lobby, NOMAD Hotels have been designed jointly by the NOMAD team and passionate designers that have brought to life and enhanced a concept dreamed up by its founding father, François BRANELLEC.

This collaborative energy has given rise to a unique universe that stands out, a travelling experience halfway between Nordic inspiration and post-industrial lofts: open spaces, comfort and simplicity.

What about the decor? NOMAD Hotels is fortunate to work with Rozenn BRANELLEC DUMON, a true artist at the cutting edge of the latest trends. Materials and colour schemes are blended to marvellous effect in order to reaffirm the identity of the concept and the venue, creating a ‘feel like home’ vibe that is so characteristic of NOMAD Hotels.

Accessible hotels


To make access and your life easier, NOMAD Hotels are located in the heart of town, close to public transport, or near the airport.

Come & go at NOMAD Hotel Le Havre Gare
Come & go at NOMAD Hotel Roissy CDG

In short, NOMAD is...


Fun, relaxing, cool, unique, comfortable, calm, convivial, friendly, ecological, design, WOW!, simple, sleek , atypical, restful, absolutely great, really brilliant…
You’re the ones who tell us this! All we’ve done is list the adjectives that our guests use to describe NOMAD every day!
Because you’re our greatest ambassadors!
Thanks ;)