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Of course! Why not?

Do people tell you that you’re good with others and have a sparkling personality? Open-minded, sociable, adaptable, but also willing to make a difference?
Our objective is to offer our nomad travellers the best possible experience whenever they stay at our hotel. Maybe we were made for one another?

Grow NOMAD and bring it to life, together


In order to bring the NOMAD Hotels concept to life here on the ground and for our clients, we’re not necessarily looking for people with training in the hotel industry. We’re not necessarily looking for people with extensive schooling. We’re not necessarily looking for people who have experience in hotels or in tourism. We’re looking for people who want to work with us, who are motivated and know how to fully commit themselves in order to succeed.


We’re also looking to promote the NOMAD Hotels concept, to help it grow and evolve in order to keep up to date with the customer’s needs and the behaviour of the client. Design and innovation are constantly being reassessed. In order to do this, we think that vivacious, curious and open minds can help us build something special. There are so many things to do! You may have already guessed that anyone can join in the adventure! At NOMAD we think that this adventure is so much more fascinating when it’s shared ;)

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Grow with

By joining the NOMAD Hotels project, you’re taking part in an adventure where the opportunities to develop your skills and to grow are boundless!

We are the NOMAD team ;)

That’s right; we joined the adventure one month ago, one year ago or at the very beginning of the journey! Here’s a little bit about us and our daily lives, as told by our guests of course, but also straight from the horse’s mouth! Listening, welcoming, paying attention to the comfort and needs of our clients; that’s what we love to do and we do it with a smile and with good humour, with a dash of kindness and, above all, a lot of fun ;)

Tomorrow, it could be you!


Are you looking for:

  • A job without barriers, because versatility inspires you?
  • A workplace that is innovative and well-connected?
  • The ability to provide a personal touch of creativity?

Do you want to:

  • Get off the beaten track?
  • Enjoy a fascinating experience in a convivial setting?
  • Feel free?

Are you:

  • A fan of new technologies?
  • Dynamic, communicative and curious?
  • Positive, with a smile for every occasion?



More than 40 years of expertise and 28 hotels means that nowadays the Oceania Hotels Group, the leaders of the NOMAD Hotels project, can really make full use of its significant experience in the hotel business and its savoir-faire in terms of planning and managing tourist accommodation establishments.

The advantages


We haven’t mentioned this yet, but when you join the NOMAD adventure you can also enjoy some great benefits! You can enjoy stays at reduced rates at the hotels of the group and the brand. We contribute up to 50% of your public transport costs. Depending on your role, you can earn monthly and yearly bonuses ;) In short, we take care of you!

Didn't see anything that suits you?

Nevertheless, do you still think you have something to offer NOMAD Hotels? Let us know! Complete the form below. Tell us about yourself. Who are you? We want to know everything ;) This will let us get back to you quickly if your profile fits our project and our requirements.


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In short, you might have already guessed, everyone has a chance...

…to join the adventure at NOMAD Hotels! Me, him, her; we’ve all taken the plunge! Every day we take great pleasure in working on behalf of our guests and alongside professionals in tourism, design and innovation that share our belief that NOMAD Hotels are the hotels of today and of tomorrow!