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The NOMAD Hotels story is, above all, a tale of passions and shared convictions: the story of one man, François BRANELLEC, who is the originator of an innovative brand of budget B&B accommodation that was founded in 1989. This man had another flash of inspiration 20 years later when he reinvented the hotel industry by once more putting people at the very heart of the business, with NOMAD Hotels.

…It’s the story of a family business that is constantly re-evaluating itself, that never waits for the markets to change in order to make changes, unlike other major brands, but rather takes risks, anticipates and positions itself as a veritable mover and shaker,

…It’s the story of an encounter with other passionate people: the project team, designers and planners who also committed to tackling these challenges and employ all their energy in creating real synergies that offer the nomads of today a living space in which freedom, conviviality, design and innovation come together as one.

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Our business has changed. The challenge is no longer to offer new products but to respond to new "desires" and dreams. My father was aware of this change more than 10 years ago, before the digital world had even begun to take over. He had already drawn up the basis of the NOMAD Hotels concept. 

Gurvan BRANELLEC, President of NOMAD Hotels

How about taking part in the NOMAD adventure?

If you too share this same state of mind,
If you too love this project brimming with ambition,
If you too are a troublemaker at heart,
If you too have lots of ideas on how to make NOMAD grow,
If you too own a property or land that you think could be turned into a NOMAD Hotel.
This could be the perfect opportunity for us to chat and, maybe even, get together!

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Where are these NOMADS?

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NOMAD Hotels already boast 2 establishments in Roissy and Le Havre.

Our ambition is to develop NOMAD Hotels in other major cities in France and across the major capitals of Europe and the world, particularly in city centres close to public transport hubs (railway, tramway, bus) or by the airports.



More than 40 years of expertise and 28 hotels means that nowadays the Oceania Hotels Group, the leaders of the NOMAD Hotels project, can really make full use of its significant experience in the hotel business and its savoir-faire in terms of planning and managing tourist accommodation establishments.

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NOMAD Hotels is a next-generation concept in hotels that really makes an impression, creates the « WOW » factor and, according to our guests, is quite simply « very cool! ».

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