The options

We personalise everything so that you can bring down the cost of your stay

When we dreamed up NOMAD Hotels, we were careful to put the needs of the traveller at the heart of our thinking. We asked ourselves how we could pass on to you the savings that we ourselves made by changing the way our guests behave.

The result was a brand new sliding scale of pricing that goes down, the opposite of what you see in most businesses all over the world.
At NOMAD Hotels, you don’t pay extra for added options, you bring the price of your stay down by selecting fewer options; not bad, eh?

How does it work ?

Whenever you book direct at, the starting price is an « all inclusive » rate just like at other hotels.

How are we different from the others?

At NOMAD Hotels, you can bring this price down depending on the length of stay and by booking earlier, of course, but also and above all by removing options that you won’t need.

Any question ?

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Up to
40% off

By booking in advance, adjusting the length of stay and choosing the right options, you can lower the price of your break by up to 40% at NOMAD Hotels!
With all this, it's well worth booking early and asking yourself if you really need air conditioning, your room cleaned or fresh sheets every day!

From the very first night, you can start saving €10 right away if you’re travelling alone: -€7 for a single bed and -€3 on options: no air conditioning, no TV, water saving options. However, we have spared a thought for the next guest: the room will be cleaned and the sheets and towels will be changed, of course :)

In addition to this, from the second night onwards you could choose not to have your room cleaned during your stay.
The room will be 100% clean when you arrive, of course, and will be cleaned after you leave, but during your stay ( just like at home) you can ask yourself the question: to clean or not to clean? Change the sheets? Change the towels? Is it necessary?

it's up to you


The cherry on the cake !



The earlier you book and the longer you stay, the more you can save!
And if you pay on line, you can save even more!!

What did our guest opt for?

NOMAD customers booking direct at know how to play the game! They quickly picked this up and had fun with it, making an immediate impact on their wallets!



That’s how many guests chose at least one of the NOMAD options whilst booking during February 2019.



That’s how many NOMAD guests chose the no-TV option during their stay.



That’s the percentage of guests who limited their water usage during their stay at NOMAD Hotels.



That’s how many guests chose the option of removing the air conditioning during their NOMAD stay.



In X% of stays booked on line, visitors decided not to have their rooms cleaned during their stay.



That’s how many clients chose not to have sheets and towels changed during their stay.

In short, at NOMAD it pays to be eco-friendly!

At last, it really is great to able to say that you only pay for what you use at a hotel, and it’s even better to know that you are having a positive effect on the environment!