Saint-Joseph's church

Saint-Joseph's church is an emblematic monument of Le Havre rebuilt after the Second World War. If you're arriving in Le Havre by boat, it will probably be the first monument you spot from the sea !

The architecture of this church is quite impressive ! It was built by Perret and it is one on his most important masterpiece ! It is trully worth going in to discover a majestic and modern church. It was conceived to resist to storms while still maintaining a delicate and light appearance... its structure is very complex and the best construction solutions have been used.

Inside the church, the concrete is illuminated by 12 768 pieces of stained-glass painted by Marguerite Huré and concrete walls. The colors change depending on the orientation.
Saint-Joseph is a lighthouse at the heart of the city, it was created and dedicated to the memory of Victims of the Second World War bombings. 

The church is opened all year long, every day, from 10am to 6pm, except during ceremonies.
The entry is free. 

If you want to pursue the visit of the city center, you should go see the hanging gardens that offer a breathtaking view of the entire city of Le Havre !