Le Havre - Do you fancy trying out Longe-Côte?

Discover Le Havre differently!

Don’t worry, there’s no need to be a sporty type to try Longe-Côte!
This is a walking activity that’s accessible to everyone, whether they’re great swimmers or not, super fit or out of shape. It really is a fun and original way to explore the coastline around Le Havre differently. A wide selection of trips set out from beach at La Havre (around 30 minutes’ walk from the NOMAD Hotel Le Havre) and start times depend on the tides.

Véronique's tip:

Staff Véronique

"There’s nothing quite like Longe-Côte for clearing the mind!
It’s a perfect blend of effort and enjoyment and, what is more, you can take in the scenery!"

Recommended by Véronique, Manager of the NOMAD Hotel Le Havre

Longe-Côte: a new way of walking

Longe-Côte, or coastal aquatic walking, offers you a muscular and cardiovascular work-out that promotes circulation and enhances your balance and endurance.

It provides a moment of wellbeing with the relaxing effects of the water on the whole body as you tone your muscles.

Braver souls can enjoy Longe-Côte with a paddle and work their entire muscular chain (shoulders, arms, triceps, back...).

A beneficial and relaxing activity, everyone can go at their own pace and share the enjoyment as a group.

Another advantage of this sport is that you can enjoy it independently or through a club that organises ocean walks with a specialist guide.

Le matériel nécessaire

Don’t panic! Longe-Côte doesn’t require a great deal of expensive kit.

If you want to fully enjoy this activity, we recommend you pick up:

- a wetsuit: shorty for summer and full winter wetsuit at other times

- a pair of neoprene shoes for the winter

- a neoprene jacket for winter

- webbed water gloves to help with propulsion (not obligatory)

- a bottle of water

- and don’t forget the all-important hot drink so you can warm up after the session.

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