Team Toogoodtogo !

Consumer or user?

Do you contribute to the movement against food waste? We YES, we use Togootogo to limit the production of our waste by saving our unsold items! It's very efficient and easy to use. Our happiness makes another person happy ? !  To give you an idea, there are 1.3 million consumers and 3,500 partner users. They are now present in 8 countries and total more than 4 million meals saved!

Team Zero Waste!

Adhering to the "zero waste" approach means being aware of both individual and collective benefits. Many personalities and influencers value their principle on the media and their social networks. Behaviour that is increasingly solicited and adopted, particularly by young people. A simple action shows you committed and encourages its network to follow the same direction. A message can be conveyed by a simple mention whose presence evolves: #zerowaste. A trend only goes for a while, unlike environmental pollution!

At NOMAD Hotels, we implement global and participative eco-responsible approaches.The objective is to raise our customers' awareness of the environmental issue and the daily actions to be taken.

In two months, we saved 25 meals with Togoodtogo!


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