Hotel near Chantilly

Do you want to discover the monarchichal history of Paris ? Chantilly is a city full of art and history which will enjoy children and adults !
Where does the name given to the castle come from ? According to the legend, it was named after the famous cook Vatel, that created whipped cream inadvertently in the castle's kitchen 

a day in the king's shoes

The domain of the Chantilly castle is huge and has tons of activities to do ! Visit the castle, take a walk in the parc, go and meet the squires and their horses.

Keep your eyes wide open, a horse show is given between April and November !

do you enjoy art and museums ?

At Chantilly, let's cultivate ourselves. Have you already been to the "Condé museum" or the horse museum ? If the answer is no, why not go and discover them ?


Do you know the board games in other countries ? Well, we don't ! it's never too late to learn ! Come with your family at the "Comptoir des jeux", you'll be able to play and learn the rules at the same time ! Pretty cool, don't you think ?

Do you want to enjoy the landscape as much as possible ? Why not go for a horse ride to discover the city a little bit more ?

After Chantilly, why not go and visit Meaux or Villepinte ?