Hotel near Villepinte

Do you want to relax, go for a walk or visit nice museums ? Nothing better than Villepinte ! At only a few kilometers away from Paris, why not come and recharge your batteries in this city of 36 000 inhabitants.

did you know ?

Half of Villepinte's population is under 25 years old ! Therefore, this partially explains why this town is so dynamic. Villepinte has the "flower city label" that rewards cities most in bloom ! Its score is 3 flours out of 4 ! Nothing better than spending time in a green oasis.

Garage sales, carnavals, guided tours... Villepinte is a city full of life with many activities. You can relax in one of its several parcs, enjoy the nice gardens, expositions and museums.


We have chosen for you a few relaxing spots in the heart of Villepinte.
If you want to hover around, have a picnic, or read a good book... Le Sausset parc is the perfect place to spend the day ! As matter of fact, it's a very appreciable spot where you can go for a 7 km hike, join a street workout with professionals, or do several fun activies with your entire family or a few friends. For more information, click here.
For a cultural moment, you can go visit the Villepinte Red castle, the Notre Dame de l'Assomption church, or the Godier farm that has been transformed into a theatre.

If you have already been to Villepinte, why not go discover other cities such as Chantilly or Meaux ?