Work out NOMAD style!

cardio space...

Of course, at NOMAD you can also work up a sweat.
A cardio-training space awaits sporty types to get their muscles moving or to let off steam after a busy day.
Treadmill, elliptical trainer, rowing machine, exercise mat, accessories for Pilates and weights: we’ve brought together all the essentials to ensure a complete work out is always possible.
And if you want to relax a bit while you work out, you can listen to the music playing in the lobby or watch the latest news direct on the big screen!

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A spot of

Sport has to be the best way to keep healthy and happy.
During and after all effort your brain produces endorphins: those famous happy hormones.
That's another great reason to keep moving, even during your stay at the hotel ;)

... unlike all others

open 24/7

Why can’t you set off on an indoor jogging session at 3am? Night owl, jet lag, insomnia? There’s always a good reason! That’s why at NOMAD, the cardio space is open 24/7!

In eco-friendly style

Just like everything else, the cardio space adopts the environmental approach that is so important to NOMAD.
We’ve hunted out equipment that combines design with efficiency when it comes to eco-responsibility. The highlights are the Waterower and Watergrinder that don’t require electricity: they use water to create resistance! What’s more, they combine physiological benefits with aesthetics!

Inhale, exhale!



Considered to be the perfect exercise, the rowing machine offers complete training that works 84% of your body’s muscle mass.



That is the perfect length of time to feel the benefits of a fitness session that works your body and soul. Now it’s your turn!

10 000


The treadmill at NOMAD is perfect if you want to reach your goal of 10,000 steps a day, recommended by the OMS to stay healthy ;)

In short, at NOMAD you can unwind!


Whether it’s with a fitness session or a spot of fun and laughter, a good book by the fireside or a game of table football in the lobby, everyone can relax in their own style!