Hotel near Honfleur

Are you staying at the NOMAD Hotel Le Havre and do you want to visit Honfleur ?
You can easily go to Honfleur for the day, count 30 minutes from Le Havre to get there !

And the thirty minute drive is worth it :) Honfleur is just in front of the hotel ! We trully like Honfleur, we'll maybe go with you for the day ;)

Honfleur is mostly known for its old bassin surounded by houses with slate facades. The old bassin is a port located in the city of Honfleur. The narrow houses reflect in the bassin, they are the main touristic attraction of Honfleur.
This city has inspired many artists such as Gustave Courbet, Eugène Boudin or even Claude Monet. 

If you enjoy visiting churches, between Saint-Chatherineés church and Saint-Etienne's church or Saint-Lenoard's church... the choice is up to you !

Honfleur is also known for its salt storehouses, 2 storehouses resisted, the third one was destroyed by a fire !

If you already know Honfleur, why not go on the cliffs of Etretat or at Deauville ?