Hotel near the cliffs of Etretat

Are you staying at the NOMAD Hotel Le Havre and do you want to go to Etretat ? No problem, you can do the round-trip during the day by car or bus !

To go there, count 30 minutes by car and 1h30 minutes of bus. If you decide to take the bus... it's very easy ! Our hotel is a few meters away from the bus station. We suggest you take the ligne 24 Le Havre-Etretat. Find the schedule here.

The attraction of Etretat is the cliffs that spread as far as your eyes can see (on 140km), they will amaze you by their verticality and their wild beauty.
On the Aval cliff, you will find the Aval harbour, huge silex arcade that has been digged by the waves. The impressive famous needle of 15 metres tall ! This splendid view has inspired several painters and writers.
The Manneporte, that is also very impressive, is located at the opposite side of the Aval cliff.
You will also have the hance to visit the Amont cliffs that used to be called, back in the days, the white stroke cliff owing to the white chalk visible from the open sea.

At the right of the Amont cliff, you'll find the Belval needle, its base has been eroded by waves.

After visiting the Etretat cliffs, you'll be in love with Normandy.
So why not go and discover more such as Honfleur or Deauville ? After all of these visits, you'll be glad to find your cozy bed in the NOMAD Hotel Le havre.
For the early birds, the breakfast starts at 6am. For those who will come back late from their visits, you will always find someting to eat at the hotel, at anytime of the day or night !