Hotel near Deauville

If you want to spend the day at Deauville and spend the night at the NOMAD Hotel in Le Havre, that is not a problem at all !
Count one hour of car to get to Deauville from Le Havre.

Deauville, Norman seaside resort, is worth the visit.
It is known for its casinos, its stunning villas, its harbours, its congress centre, its golfs, and its american film festival... it is one of the most prestigious cities in France.
Deauville attracts hundreds of tourists each year, and mostly parisians (this can be explained by the fact that Paris is very close to Deauville, this city is called the 21th borough of Paris).
Deauville is a luxury resort, it attracts the visit of famous people in the cinema, fashion or even music sector...

Luxury holiday destination since 1800, Deauville is known for its endless beach 

Destination de vacances de luxe depuis les années 1800,It has been famous for its superb white sandy beaches covering some 30km with "Les planches", the famous walk with the beach cabins and the multi-colored umbrellas.
This painting takes another dimension during the Deauville Festival of American Cinema. With its rich programme and all its stars, Deauville plays a major role in the cultural field.

Deauville also embodies the image of the equestrian world, races that attract passionate of horses or vacationers.

If you have already been to Deauville, why not discover the cliffs of Etretat or Honfleur ?