The BEPAS label for Passive Energy buildings

BEPAS; what's that?

The BEPAS label is attributed to buildings that meet very strict energy efficiency criteria.
BEPAS focuses on low energy consumption and the buildings boasting this label are more efficient than those covered by the new RT2012 regulations on thermal efficiency…offering maximum comfort day after day!

A real eco-responsible approach!

Low energy consumption reduces the environmental impact of this type of construction thanks to fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The concept applies to every type of construction.
The NOMAD Hotel Roissy CDG is the very first hotel establishment to earn this prestigious label!

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Energy efficiency criteria that must be respected



It's the maximum annual energy consumption that cannot be exceeded



It's the annual limit on energy used for heating/air conditioning that cannot be exceeded



It's the total annual energy consumption limits that must be respected



It's the insulation of the building that must be outstanding to ensure heat is not lost

A label attributed by ADEME

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NOMAD Hotel Roissy CDG, a 250-room hotel, is recognised by ADEME (the Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) as a passive energy building. ADEME is responsible for contributing to public policy regarding the environment, energy use and sustainable development.

In short, NOMAD Hotel Roissy CDG boasts the BEPAS label!

NOMAD Hotels is a brand that is resolutely committed to thinking about the planet in every area…from the basement to the roof ;)