A hotel at the cutting edge of technology

A totally digital hotel experience

At NOMAD Hotels, technology serves travellers by making things easier and simpler during their stay.

The entire customer journey is digital, from booking and express check-in right up to the use of touchscreen tablets in the rooms to control all the facilities: air conditioning, lighting, video-projector, etc.

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When it comes to sound equipment, it's like everything else at NOMAD; nothing but the best.
Every NOMAD room is fitted with 2 BOSE speakers that produce a powerful sound that you can control from your tablet, of course!)


When it comes to image, let's do away with the ugly traditional television set. Make way for a unique cinema experience projected onto the wall of your room in grand style!

How about taking control?

Control of what? The facilities in your room ;) That’s right; all the facilities of NOMAD rooms can be controlled directly from a touchscreen tablet: a home automation experience at the hotel; how about that?

Imagine yourself lounging on your bed with your tablet, turning on the lights in the shower, changing their colour, shutting off the air conditioning, switching on the video-projector. You could almost be there already!

And from the NOMAD tablet you can also access social media, a selection of games and unlimited browsing on the Internet!

Videoprojecteur NOMAD


Where’s the TV? There is no TV at NOMAD, but rather a video-projector that you can switch on directly from your touchscreen tablet!

air conditionné

Air conditioning

Making a booking with air conditioning?
Take control of the temperature and the air conditioning in your room from your touchscreen tablet!



There’s no need to climb out of bed to turn off the lights. The ON/OFF button is accessible directly from the tablet! And if you want to change the colour of the ambient lighting in the shower, you can also do it from there!

Of course, when you’re at NOMAD, you can decide!
All the facilities can be controlled from the tablet or manually!
We almost forgot: the roller blinds can also be controlled from the touchscreen at NOMAD Hotel Paris ROISSY CDG Airport!
That’s not bad if you want to shut the daylight out completely and rest when you’re in between flights and recovering from jet lag ;)

Water use can also be controlled ;)


Using the touchscreen tablet in your NOMAD room you can also control your water use for the duration of your stay!

A great way to get involved with our eco approach at NOMAD ;)


Because NOMAD also meets the needs of hyper connected travellers like you, at NOMAD Hotels you’ll find everything you need to stay in the loop!
High-fibre broadband is, of course, free and unlimited everywhere in the hotel! This is essential for every modern nomad! USB ports are also integrated into the furniture so you can recharge mobiles whenever you need to.
A HDMI port is also accessible in the room to allow you to project films and holiday photos onto the wall or plan your next business meetings.
You will also find power points available everywhere; in the lobby and in the room!

All that means:


Free high speed connection

Port USB

USB ports to charge your devices (no need for an adapter, you’ll be pleased to hear!)

HDMI sockets to share your computer screen or the tablet on the wall (great!)


Power sockets everywhere in your room and in the lobby

In short, at NOMAD you can keep up to date 


Of course, if you want to enjoy a digital detox, that’s also possible ;) But most of us, as we all know, can’t do without the essentials when it comes to keeping in touch. We have it all!
As well as all this, technology is at your service and makes your life easier at NOMAD.
And it doesn’t stop there; the R&D team at NOMAD are also 100% connected and working on lots of new ideas!